REKS Shares The Recipe For Roasting Wack MCs & It Starts With Fire (Video)

For over a decade, REKS has been putting in work as one of Boston’s finest. During that time, the underground MC, known as Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme, has worked with

Kendrick Lamar performs The Recipe on MTV’s Hip-Hop POV (Video)

Kendrick Lamar got his first look on MTV last night with a performance of The Recipe. Check out the video below. Related: Murs interviews Kendrick Lamar (Video)

We caught up with Kendrick Lamar and chopped it up about his tour with Drake, being signed to Interscope Records, staying true to himself musically and what to expect from his new album (Video)

Also, check out Kendrick’s performance of The Recipe, his new single with Dr. Dre, and an interview with Whoo Kid where Kendrick discusses the 30 tracks he’s recorded with Dre,

Kendrick Lamar gets a verse from the good doctor on The Recipe, his first single for his upcoming album Good Kid in a Mad City.

Now THIS is a great way to start the week.  Check out Kendrick Lamar’s first single for his upcoming album.  It’s called The Recipe and features Dr. Dre dropping some