In Rick Ross' Free Mason, Jay-Z opens his verse by saying "they put the Devil on me." Here's what he meant.

The collaboration between Rick Ross and Jay-Z titled Free Mason has set the hip-hop world on fire over the last couple of weeks.  This has primarily been because the song is straight heat, but obviously their tackling of the Freemason subject matter has also provoked interest due to allegations of Jay-Z being a Mason.  Given that estimates put Freemason membership at north of 6 million members worldwide and the group is largely viewed as a fraternal organization, it really would not be that big of a deal if Jay-Z was a Freemason.  However, the rumors did not stop there.  In August of 2009, the blog The Vigilant Citizen made some more serious allegations about occult and secret society symbolism in Jay-Z’s video Run This Town.  Specifically, the article alleges several connections between imagery and symbols in Run This Town and Satanism (Luciferianism to be exact).  Whether or not you buy the allegations in the article, apparently they (or similar rumors) were enough to make Jay respond on wax.  Click here to read the article.  Below is more insight into the origin of the song Free Mason by Rick Ross, himself.