Kanye West has the best digital game on the planet! Between what he said on twitter today and Devil in a New Dress nobody is touching him.

If you didn’t see what Kanye West wrote on Twitter today, click here.  It’s incredible.  It shows the intelligence, maturity and evolution of one of the greatest artists of the last decade.  Given all the celebrity gaffes on Twitter, he is showing its Power, as well.  That’s not where it stops though.  As you may know, for the last few weeks, Kanye has also been leaking a new digital download every week and will do so for 26 weeks.  While labels are doing all they can to prevent leaks, he is doing it himself to give back to the fans who have supported him, to win over those that left (and some new ones)…and to get people ready for the Monster of an album he is about to drop.  He is re-building his goodwill day by day, all through an incredibly savvy digital strategy.  America loves a comeback even more than it loves taking people down.  This is just the beginning for Kanye.  Just watch…Click here for Devil in a New Dress, the latest leak.