Time to Dig In The Crates. Rock with me for a minute. The Kid Daytona just murdered a track O.C. once used as a dope intro. Check out Lifted ft Styles P and Vaughn Anthony.


Click here to download.

Up on O.C.?  He was a part of D.I.T.C. (the Diggin’ in the Crates crew).  Here’s Born to Live, which features the intro on the album (but unfortunately not in the video…still a dope song):

…and his timeless classic, ironically called Times Up.

And speaking of digging in the crates, the art has been lost now that vinyl (R.I.P. Fat Beats) and even CDs are dead (almost at least).  But, scouring youtube is the digital equivalent of digging in the crates.  I was looking for that O.C. joint and stumbled on this.  I could not stop watching.  Dude LOVES his music and he plays some joints!!!  Check it out: