This week’s playlist is an ode to some of the G-Funk greats of the 90s. Some will be expected–Dre, Snoop, DJ Quik, Ice Cube–but there may be a couple of surprises that make your head nod a little harder.

I was catching up on some reading today and finally read the Wiz Khalifa article in the October 2010 issue of XXL magazine (the whole issue was incredible).  There was a line in the Wiz article that struck me.  It was something to the effect of Wiz having moved from being sonically eclectic to favoring a West Coast sound.  We’ve been making the comparison to Snoop for some time, so that wasn’t what struck me.  Instead, I realized that we just might be on the verge of a resurgence in music from the lower West Coast, specifically G-Funk.  Wiz opened the door with his laid back flow and synth-driven tracks.  And, the good Dr., the architect of it all, kicked it open with Kush.  If Detox does finally drop, the summer of 2011 could sound a lot like the summer of 1993 when Death Row Records ruled the charts.  Whether that happens or not, I thought it was a good time to dig in the West Coast crates a bit and remember the sounds of G-Funk.  Just press play and enjoy.