Will Nas and DJ Premier do a whole album together? Hear what Omar Akil has to say on the matter in the latest installment of PREEM-EAR.

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This ep of PREEM-EAR is more anecdotal than a “display of hidden
hotness”.  I found this little clip of Primo calling out Nas in the
motherland.  You’ve heard the rumors. Nasis supposed to do a full album with
Premier (a la Jay and Ye, or 9th Wonder and *insert indy rapper
here*).  But of course that project seems to be more mythical than an official
release of Detox (after even Dre stopped being a groundhog long enough to drop a
few singles on the world).

Anyway, after flipping an album’s worth of odes to Mother Africa, with
Damien Jr. Gong Marley, maybe the Preem-induced chant coming from our
brethren across the water, will hit “home” for QB’s finest:

Here’s a little taste of PREEM and Nas that’s different than the usual
“Nas Is Like” or “Represent” type tracks we’ve all heard a million
times.  The clip I found was uploaded in 2010, but the track sounds
more like someone blew the dust off an oldie.  So I can’t really call
it super new, but you many not have heard it before.
Nas – Hood Story (Prod. By Dj Premier)

“highly recogNASed as the king of disco” ~ Biz

Omar Akil.