With the NFL playoffs heating up and DJ Premier dropping some heat on that Reks track, it’s perfect timing for this week’s PREEM-EAR by @omarakil3.


Sorry folks about the delay. The PREEM-EARs have been more delayed
than a NY snow plow after the 2010 Blizzard.
But being a true fan of a the grid-iron I’m back for the NFL Playoffs.
Or should I say Nick Javas is back for the playoffs.
Few things you need to know before you check this week’s PE.
1) NICK JAVAS is an MC, signed to Primo’s YEAR ROUND RECORDS.
2) JAVAS has had several PREEM-produced joints, floating around the
net, for about a year and a half.
3) JAVAS is featured on the compilation “DJ Premier presents Year
Round Records: Get Used To Us”.
What’s gone under the radar is that JAVAS has been flipping an NFL
week-in-review type recap for Internet sports freaks for the entire
2010/2011 season.

Now his sports raps have hit the big stage with a new campaign by

PEPSI called PEPSI NFL AUDIBLE.  Check it out here.  He’s got a second spot that features Talib Kweli that is equally hot, which you can find here.  And Big Boi got in on the fun with his own spot as well.

Salute PEPSI for cosigning hip hop, and salute PREEM for signing this cat!

“Rumble young man rumble…..aaaahhhhhh” ~ The Greatest

Omar Akil