Are you a lyrics person? If so this track by Donwill of Tanya Morgan is for you.

Donwill blesses Kendrick Lamar’s Heaven or Hell and gives Kendrick props (Donwill’s track is called Buy Kendrick Lamar’s Album) but kinda makes it his own…Check out what Donwill had to say about it below. Click here if you indeed want to buy Kendrick Lamar’s album.

Click here to download.  Here are Donwill’s thoughts on the track:

The homie Datwon Thomas didn’t tell me to listen to Kendrick Lamar. He literally commanded me to. Told me that I’d love it and to set any criticism I’m seeing online about his voice* aside. I think I got his shit that night and played it like three times in a row. It’s one of my default lps now. You know the kind you throw on when you don’t know what else to throw on aside from what genre you want to hear?

The song I linked is not a dedication to Kendrick’s album. Its me adding a verse to the end of the a song off of the album. The song is named Heaven or Hell and I swear one day I had this shit on repeat for like 30 minutes. So long that when I finally cut it off I just kinda started writing a verse to fill in the blank at the end. This was purely for personal consumption mind you but I figured what the hell, I may as well share it since I haven’t put out any music in a while.