There’s been a lot of chatter about the XXL Freshman class of 2011 but what about the alumni?

One of the most enigmatic of those chosen by XXL as one of its 2009 freshmen is Charles Hamilton.  Omar Akil takes a look at the talented Mr. Hamilton and let’s the man speak for himself (through his lyrics).  Check it out:

I’m not sure what to make of the playlist included in this post. This is pretty much the closest, to date, that we have come to understanding the unprecedented musical derailment of Charles Hamilton. In documentary fashion, we get to hear Hamilton’s side to a lot of the rumored goings on, in the musical endeavors that have plagued him over the last few years. Be warned – I DO believe there is a narrative here, BUT you have to be up for a little investigative listening. As a whole, these clips are either very telling, or a crock of shyte. Either this kid is one the most brilliant self promoters who is setting himself up for one of the most intelligent comeback stories ever, or he is really really really Effed up in the game – mentally that is.

At times, I truly want to believe that Hamilton WANTS you to believe that he is crazy. Other times, I’m concerned about the next headline we might read about him.

Either way, I found myself glued to these clips; clicking on one after another, like I was playing the slot machines, and kept winning, just enough, to put another quarter in and pull the lever again.

Covered in these clips are stories about: Lupe Fiasco, Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Records, a Pink Lava Lamp, some R&B chick that can’t be mentioned, and ALIENS….
All pretty interesting, but some may leave you scratching your head.

Thanks to his mans and ’em: Corp Orate, check out: BEHIND THE LAVA LAMP