A couple of weeks ago, Nice & Smooth dropped a new video for a song that is 22 years old. Ironically, the song is called No Delayin’.

In celebration of the video, this week’s New World Auder (where Omar Akil re-arranges the tracks of an album for your listening pleasure) is of Nice & Smooth’s eponymous album.


This N.W.Aud was inspired by the 2011 flip of a classic video that never existed before late February. The video for Nice & Smooth’s 1989 joint, “No Delayin” dropped and got me re-amped on an album that I have salivated over for more than 20 years. I even went thru seperation anxiety back when I didn’t have the album in my possession for a few years – until I found the vinyl in Amoeba Music out in LA. I will spare you all the “this is when hip hop was….” crap, and just let you rock off of the album in this order. No explanations this week either! Salute to Monstar Films for getting this done. If this is a new trend I’m in! Who knows, I might bling a few old friends and go in on a few joints myself.

We Are No. 1
Sum Pimped Out Shit
Skill Trade
Funky For You
No Delayin’
Dope Not Hype
More And More Hits
Ooh Child
Perfect Harmony
Early To Rise
Hit Me
Something I Can’t Explain
Dope On A Rope
Nice & Smooth

Click here to buy the album.  Here’s the video for No Delayin’:

Incidentally, the 3-chord sample for the song was from an esoteric Prince joint. Check it out: