Check out this video of Kanye West’s headlining performance at Coachella.

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I was in the crowd at Coachella rooting for Kanye…and he delivered. In the past 2 years I have witnessed in person the professional nadir for Mr. West (the 2009 VMAs) and possibly his apex last night at Coachella.  The vitriol I witnessed at the VMAs after the infamous Taylor Swift incident was like none I had ever seen before.  For a show like the VMAs that celebrates irreverence, the unbridled hate directed at Kanye that night was stunning.  Yet, even seeing that didn’t prepare me for the level of scrutiny and ridicule that would be directed toward him for the better part of a year following the incident.  After a self-imposed exile, he had a triumphant return last year with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and yesterday’s live performance in front of a crowd that still had energy after 3 days of NON-STOP PARTYING was the culmination.  The crowd was with him the whole time and he held it down completely by himself (a rare feat in hip-hop these days)  save for the lone appearance by Pusha T for his Runaway verse near the end of the show.  Kanye had 3 acts to his show.  One of the more moving parts was during Act 2 when he acknowledged how difficult the last few years had been for him, starting with the death of his mother, and how happy he was just to be there last night sharing his music with a receptive crowd.  The whole concert was 2 hours.  Here are 48 minutes of his performance.  Welcome back, Mr. West.