The movie Breakin’ introduced many to the West Coast break dancing scene but before Breakin’ there was the documentary Breakin’ N Enterin’.

Breakin’ N Enterin’ is a film from 1983 that documented the then nascent LA B-boy scene and inspired Breakin’.  It featured many of the players that went on to star in Breakin’ and gave a glimpse at their real lives.  Shabba Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp and a VERY young Ice-T are among those highlighted.  And, of course, there is lots of dancing.  Unlike the New York scene where the focus was mostly on floor work, West Coast b-boys spent a lot more time poppin’, lockin’ and uprockin’.  This is a must for any fan interested in the earlier aspects of hip-hop culture.  You can watch the whole movie below.

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