Complex did an INCREDIBLE feature a few months ago where DJ Premier broke down the stories behind many of his classic tracks. Here’s their newest installment of the series and it features none other than Pete Rock.

In a pure coincidence, we also chose Primo and Pete Rock as the first 2 installments of our Producer Series playlists.  Click here for the Pete Rock playlist and here for the DJ Premier playlist).  See below for an excerpt from the Complex Pete Rock story where he talks about how Q-Tip “borrowed” the beat for Jazz (We Got).  Here’s a link to the full article.

Pete Rock: “Q-Tip came over one day and heard the beat playing and liked it. And I had the records sitting around because I had just made it, so the records were there and he saw what I used. I guess he liked it and went back and tried to re-create it and make it sound just like the way I did it. I had a few more elements in it. I had the same drums and the sample, and he actually did the beat the same way I did it. And he shouted me out [at the end of the song].

“At first I was a little upset when I didn’t get the credit when I looked at the album [liner notes], but I’m way over that by now. That was so long ago. I’m on to bigger and better things. I hate talking about old, wack situations that don’t mean nothing no more. But definitely, that was a classic.”

Click here for Complex’s DJ Premier article.