Here’s a late 80’s/early 90’s R&B mix for your listening pleasure.

Sometimes you need a palate cleanser to get the most out of a good meal–something to clear your taste buds so you can approach the next serving with a fresh perspective.  We think the same is true for music.  We aspire to rep the best in hip-hop (old and new) to the fullest.  We believe in order to do that, sometimes your ear drums need a little break; a hard reset.  In order to do that we will be hitting you with this Palate Cleanser series weekly.  It will be taking the place of Soul Cooking, which we hope you enjoyed, but don’t worry.  Soul will DEFINITELY be a part of the Palate Cleanser series, as well as R&B, electronic music and any other music that is ambrosia for heads.  The first installment features some uptempo classic R&B joints from the late 80’s and early 90’s.  If you like Guy, Al B. Sure, Keith Sweat, Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition, Bobby Brown and others from that era, this one should get your head nodding for a while.  It starts chill but picks up quickly.  Enjoy.