Here’s an unbelievable compilation of 170 Nas tracks that were NOT featured on any of his albums. The folks at RealHipHopHead have scoured the web to find every non-album track Nas has blessed (featured vocals, leaks, collaborations, bootlegs, soundtracks, etc.) and compiled them into 6 volumes. You can check out all 6 below.

In many cases, they’ve also upgraded the sound quality of each track.  Volumes 1-5 are “albums” put together by RealHipHopHead and Vol. 6 is a compilation of Nas greatest features.  Click here to download all 6 Lost Albums and check out what RealHipHopHead had to say about the process, below.  MAJOR props to them.

Click here to download The Lost Albums.   And, here’s some of what RealHipHopHead had to say about the process of making these compilations:

Creating The Lost Albums

I created The Lost Albums; theoretical albums, which answer the question — “What if Nas had made albums with all of these ‘lost’ tracks?” And at the same time, these dope tracks will be available for the first time all in one place. Since “theoretical albums” is the theme, I’ve also given a title and proper artwork to each album. Nas has such a tremendous catalog outside of his discography, I was able to compile five volumes (6 discs) and 99 total tracks. You will find all of Nas most rare tracks. And these are DOPE albums, not collections of throwaway tracks.

In the creation process, I tried to make for the best listening experience, and cohesion from track to track; giving the feel of a real album as much as possible. I chose to do this, rather than make an effort to keep tracks from around the same time together; songs from 2008 are mixed in with songs from 1994.

While compiling all of Nas’ non-album tracks, I was also inspired to highlight Nas’ extensive guest feature work. This turned into a four-disc collection, The Greatest Guest Features, and together with the five volumes of The Lost Albums, this is a very near-complete collection of Nas’ non-album discography… Click here to read the rest of the article.