Here’s a mixtape the features 70 Phonte tracks in 78 minutes. Good golly. Phonte’s album, Charity Starts at Home is in stores now. Click below for the mixtape.

Phonte is without a doubt one of the most underrated MCs of all time (click here for our mix featuring the most underrated MCs of all time, as determined by the fans). It’s hard to believe he’s been in the game for a decade. He’s dropped many a classic as part of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange. Now, he’s stepping out for his first solo effort. As a lead up, he and DJ Flash compiled a mixtape of his greatest records. It’s 70 tracks in 78 minutes. Click here to download it. The tracklist is below.

Here’s what Phonte had to say about the mixtape (tracklist is below):

“The Phonte mixtape to end all Phonte mixtapes. 70 tracks, 78 minutes, covering the past 10 years of my career all mixed and selected by DJ Flash.  For those who need a Phonte crash course, start here.  Thank you for listening. And if you’re a long time fan, thank you for re-listening,”