Kendrick Lamar – Live From New York (Review)

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Kendrick Lamar just BLEW UP New York’s legendary SOB’s venue. The crowd was as live as any crowd I’ve ever seen there (and I’ve seen a few…). I also don’t recall any artist from the West Coast getting more love there than what Kendrick received tonight. The audience knew every word to every song and there was no “to cool to show love for great hip-hop” attitude. Hands were in the air on command, feet were leaving the floor and heads were nodding continuously. Kendrick performed the vast majority of Section 80, and a few joints from Overly Dedicated. My favorite moment of the night? Watching Talib Kweli watch Kendrick perform (and rip) Rigamortis. Second favorite moment? Hearing the sneak peek of Busta Rhymes’ verse on the Rigamortis remix (see above). Kendrick on Busta’s verse: “He bodied me. I gotta go back in and re-write my verse.” That’s the kind of night it was–respect for good hip-hop all around; from the audience, from the artists and industry professionals in attendance and, especially, from Mr. Lamar himself. Props to him for a great show. He did the West Coast and hip-hop proud.

Here’s his performance of ADHD: