Andre 3000 speaks to GQ

Andre 3000 recently sat down with GQ to discuss topics ranging from the possibility of a new OutKast album to the re-launch of his clothing line to the REAL scoop on the phrase “Who else wants to f*ck with Hollywood Cole.” See below for an excerpt from the article and you can read the full interview here.  Also, click here to read what Organized Noize had to say about many of their classic tracks and to listen to our OutKast playlist.

From GQ:

“In recent years, we’ve only heard Andre 3000 on remixes of songs by artists that we’re surprised Dre’s even heard of. He’s the music industry’s Bobby Fischer, only he’s undefeated (and a better dresser). Rumors of a new OutKast album, a solo project, and the resurrection of Benjamin Bixby—Andre’s nostalgically funky clothing line—have been percolating for years. We went to the source and chopped it up with our favorite ATLien to separate fact from fiction. The result? We got some good news, some bad news, and debunked one of hip-hop’s most infamous misquotes.”  Click here to continue reading.