Big Daddy Kane vs. Rakim: here’s the playlist that settles the debate once and for all…or does it? (Playlist)

Rakim’s recent interview discussing the rivalry he had at one time with Big Daddy Kane rekindled the chatter about which MC would win in a battle. Since that battle likely will never occur, we decided to take matters into our own hands to settle the debate once and for all. Here’s a playlist that pits the 2 iconic MCs head to head, cut for cut. To make it a fair fight, we kept to certain rules of engagement: 1. we selected only battle-caliber rhymes — strictly songs where each MC was either directly referencing killing other MCs on the mic or rapping about how nice he was, 2. we tried to keep the tempos and volume levels of each song equal so as not to give either an advantage because of sonic quality or hyped BPMs and, 3. we tried to pick songs that truly represented each rapper at his finest. Take a listen below and let us know who you think won this one. Related: Rakim speaks on his rivalry with Big Daddy Kane (Video)