Complex’s 50 Best Guest Verses of All Time

Here’s another conversation starter from Complex. They’ve put together their list of the 50 Best Guest Verses of All Time. You certainly won’t agree with all of the picks and they’re definitely not the order, but the top 5 is STRONG. See what they wrote about Ghostface Killah’s verse on Raekwon’s “Criminology” below and check out the full list here. Who do you think had some of the best guest verses of all time? Related: A playlist of Andre 3000’s best guest verses (Audio)

Complex's 50 Best Guest Verses of All Time

Here’s what they had to say about Ghostface’s verse on Criminology:

“Ironman performs armed robbery on this track, as he attacks this “militant” RZA track with the ferociousness of a starving pitbull. Packing more threats of physical violence than an M.O.P. song, he promises to “jux a brother,” “send your ass back into the essence,” and “throw niggas off airplanes,” while simultaneously weaving in Five Percent mathematics and Wu Slang Democracy into a murderous package of verbal pugilism. This performance showcases Tony Starks at the peak of his “punch you in the face just for living” period, when he was known for terrorizing toy rappers just as brutally as he disciplined the microphone.” Click here to read the full story.