Lord Finesse – Crate Diggers + Playlist of His Songs & Productions (Video + Audio)

Lord Finesse may be one of the most slept on talents in hip-hop EVER. As a double threat MC/producer, he had a legendary run in the 90’s, releasing acclaimed underground albums and producing tracks for artists like Big L, Biggie, Dr. Dre, OC, Fat Joe and more. Here’s an interview of Finesse as he takes us on a journey through his vinyl collection, as part of FUSE’s Crate Diggers series (including a dope opening story about working with Biggie). Also, check out a sampler of a playlist of Finesse’s songs and productions below and click here to hear the whole thing.  Related:  Diamond D – Crate Diggers (Video)

Here’s the sampler of Lord Finesse’s songs and productions.  Click here for the full playlist.