Living Legends: De La Soul (Playlist)

As we approach the 24th anniversary of the release of De La Soul’s game-changing 3 Feet High and Rising album (released in March 1989), it’s just plain ridiculous how little recognition they get as one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time. Not only did De La revolutionize the sound of hip-hop at the time through the use of esoteric samples from all genres (ranging from Funkadelic to the Partridge Family), they also were among the first to use well-placed, outlandish skits that became an inextricable part of the overall experience of the album. Beyond that, there are few groups if any (outside of OutKast) whose sound evolved more over time (contrast Me, Myself & I with Patti Dooke and Stakes is High). We salute De La Soul as part of our Living Legends series. Here’s a playlist celebrating their music, impact and storied career. Related: Living Legends: OutKast (Audio Playlist)

Living Legends:  De La Soul (Playlist)