AFH: Nate Dogg Tribute (Playlist)

SXSW is always bitter sweet for me now. On the one hand, there is really no better experience on earth for a music lover. No matter what genre of music you like and no matter what type of artist (mainstream or cutting-edge underground) there is more than you could consume in a year, let alone four days. It is truly ambrosia for heads. On the other hand, I will always remember waking up two years ago on March 15, 2011 to find that the OG Nate Dogg had passed away. The Death Row/G-Funk sound has always been one of my favorites in any genre of music and a key part of that sound was driven by Nate Dogg’s melodic hooks. The silver lining is that the number of tributes to him by artists, DJs and fans young and new was overwhelming that year, and they continue. Here’s our playlist of some of Nate Dogg’s classics. Stick around as more unfold during the day. Gone but not forgotten… Related: Warren G – Party We Will Throw Now ft The Game & Nate Dogg (Video)