9th Wonder & Young Guru (and Parfit from AFH…) Discuss Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse (Video)

36 hours after Kendrick Lamar set the Internet on fire with his verse claiming the title of King of New York (and Hip-Hop generally), the debate continues. I had the privileged of witnessing (and briefly participating in) a lively discussion between Young Guru and 9th Wonder last night about The Verse. I tried to stay in the background, literally, and let the giants speak (real talk, these dudes are both about 6’5″–more importantly, each has worked with Jay Z) but still ended up on camera. You can check out the very entertaining conversation below. This all took place at a listening session for Rapsody’s upcoming mixtape She Got Game (which is FIRE but more on that later). Related: 9th Wonder Chops it Up with AFH (Video)