Breakin’ N Enterin’ Documentary (Video)

The movie Breakin’ introduced many to the West Coast break dancing scene but before Breakin’ there was the documentary Breakin’ N Enterin’. Breakin’ N Enterin’ is a film from 1983 that documented the then nascent LA B-boy scene and inspired the landmark dance film Breakin’. It featured many of the players that went on to star in Breakin’ and gave a glimpse at their real lives. Shabba Doo, Boogaloo Shrimp and a VERY young Ice-T (who’s actually breakin’ in the film) are among those highlighted. And, of course, there is lots of dancing. Unlike the New York scene where the focus was mostly on floor work, West Coast b-boys spent a lot more time poppin’, lockin’ and uprockin’. As we continue our celebration of the weekend when Hip-Hop was born 40 years ago, this is a must for any fan interested in the earlier aspects of Hip-Hop culture. Related: Because They Made It That Way (Hip-Hop At 40 Years Old): A look at the early days of Hip-Hop (Food for Thought)

Breakin’ N Enterin’

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