D-Pryde – Faded (Video)

You’re not “hood enough,” you’re not “Black enough”, you’re not “hip-hop” enough.

While a lot of people used to tell Toronto’s D-Pryde what he wasn’t, it seems that more and more now see quite clearly what he is. And what’s that exactly? A 19-year-old Filipino MC that toured and opened for J. Cole, landed a record deal with BMS, and just released his first EP, Canal & Richvale. He’s come a long way since the start of his career in Brampton, Ontario, where he was constantly ridiculed and bullied for his dreams of becoming a rapper. But even though he’s currently completing his own tour now, which included Chicago’s esteemed Lollapalooza festival, D-Pryde is still in shock of what’s become of his reality, claiming it’s “the greatest feeling in the world right now” and that “it still feels like a dream”.

Here’s the video for his new single “Faded”, which was featured on XXL’s website and describes the inner demons that come along with success. Related: Drake- ’5am In Toronto’ (Video)