J-Zone On Using Deliberately Using Archaic Production Equipment (Video)

J-Zone’s been around for over 15 years, but he’s not exactly an old-school artist. Still, deeply influenced by Ultramagnetic MC’s, Threat, Tim Dog, C-Bo and others, Jay’s knowledge of Hip-Hop (see this 2011 post he’s responsible for) and his love of the antiquated ways is deep. In making his return to albums, the upcoming Peter Pan Syndrome (love the title), the Queens-based producer and MC shows off some of his techniques in making records sound exactly the way that he wants, given his influences. I think this video is phenomenally cool—especially at a time when everybody is producing off of MacBook Pro’s. If you’re new to J-Zone’s rapping or production, I included a bonus treat below (with The Jugganots’ Breeze Brewin’ and a cameo from Prince Paul):

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