Kanye West & The Beatles – What’s A Black Beatle (Mixtape)

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“What’s a Black Beatle anyways, a f***ing roach? I guess that’s why they got me sitting in f***ing coach” – Kanye West on the track “Gorgeous” from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

It’s a known fact that a single hip-hop lyric has the power to birth many things: a catch phrase, a new style, or even a whole new song (think Jay Z sampling Nas on “Dead Presidents II”). But rarely, if ever, do you see one line spawn an entire project, especially one as creative as the Tutankhamun Brothers’ latest offering. With their newest mixtape What’s A Black Beatle, the production duo of Mr. Troublesome and UveBrother used the lyric above to inspire a 48-minute collision course between musical genres, using none other than The Beatles and Kanye West as the pilots. Although he tried producing that “Elanor Rigby”-sampling joint for Talib Kweli early his career, did you ever think you’d hear Yeezy spitting “The Good Life” over John Lennon’s “Imagine”? That makes two of us. But as this mixtape reminds us, hip-hop will always be a culture full of surprises. Related: Kanye West Says He and Jay-Z Made Watch The Throne to Compete With Drake (Video)