King Of The Beat – Looking For The Perfect Beat Trailer & Poster (Video)

There are tons of music documentaries that have come and gone throughout the years, but it seems only a few are aimed directly at us Heads. After watching the trailer for King Of Beats: Looking For The Perfect Beat however, it’s quite evident Hip-Hop heads have a documentary that they definitely can look forward to. The film is the latest installment of UK filmmaker Pritt Kalsi’s “King of the Beats” series, which this time around was filmed in New York. The project got a huge boost in credibility and resources when Hip-Hop icon Jazzy Jay came aboard, “if it was not for Jazzy Jay that took me under his wing… we would not have been able to document the many true artists featured,” says Kalsi. Jazzy Jay, who was Afrika Bambaataa’s right hand man in the early ’70s, just adds another layer to the already impressive documentary. The film features Hip-Hop legends such as Marly Marl, King of Chill, Lord Finesse (Jay helped hone D.I.T.C.), and others displaying their skills on the beat machine and their art of digging. All signs point to a timeless documentary, and with a roster like that behind it? You already know. Related: Pete Rock: Reminisce For A Spell (Video)