Rapsody – Jedi Code ft Phonte & Jay Electronica

I had to sit down for this one. Seriously. It’s not knee-jerk early-edition hyperbole for me to deem this my favorite collaboration of 2013. In the order of appearance, Phonte calls back to Minstrel Show Phonte, not to say that he hasn’t had lethal bars since then, but this cocky attitude that’s less interested in song structure than just whoopin’ some ass and showin’ out on the track. Rapsody’s verse is the latest in a series of songs that are pulling her from “one of the best new MC’s” to just flat-out, “one of the best MC’s.” Then comes a surprise-paused entrance from Jay Electronica. With the vocal allusions to him earlier in the track, this song almost feels made for late-night mix-show radio, the caught-off appearance (remember the “Diamonds Are Forever Remix”?). Jay hits ’em hard as nails, with an introspective verse—his second in two weeks (is that a record or somethin’?). If that wasn’t enough, 9th really hits ’em between the ribs with this creation. At a time where collaborations fall off the tree like fruit in a harvest, this trio makes this one count. Years from now, consider this for the Jamla’s Greatest Hits. Related: Rapsody – She Got Game (Mixtape) Also, check out our exclusive article about Rapsody’s career progression at Rap Genius.

Rapsody - Jedi Code ft Phonte & Jay Electronica