A Look at 17-year Old Tupac Shakur 17 Years After His Death (Video)

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I remember exactly where I was when I learned Tupac had passed away. It was a Friday the 13th just like today, 17 years ago. Though he had been in the hospital for several days before, it seemed that the prognosis was good in the days leading up to his mortality. Plus, by then, Tupac had seemed invincible. Having survived being shot 5 times before and seemingly on the mend after that fateful encounter in Las Vegas, he was like a super hero. And, super heroes don’t die…The reality is Pac was mortal and often very vulnerable. You heard that vulnerability in songs like So Many Tear, Dear Mama and Keep Ya Head Up. You also saw it at times in interviews, particularly the early ones pre-T.H.U.G. Life. We so often see the bravado side of Tupac that I wanted to go in a different direction today as we reflect on his life and legacy. Here’s an interview of a high school Tupac, before he had a record or a record, demonstrating the intelligence, charisma and vulnerability that would continue to inform the thugged out persona that emerged and has endured to this day. Rest in peace, Tupac. You are appreciated.

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