Big Boi – Thom Pettie ft Killer Mike & Little Dragon (Video)

Big Boi’s 2012 album Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors was seemingly lost in the 4th quarter shuffle. While Sir Lucious Leftfoot: Son Of Chico Dusty cannot be topped in my humble opinion, I applaud Daddy Fat Sax for always pushing his musical boundaries.

Admittedly, Big Boi is the one who opened me up to Little Dragon in 2010-2011. Because of that, I went and bought their albums, and have the ’07 self-titled joint in the car right now. Interestingly enough, for his 2012 effort, the Outkast co-founder kept the vibe with Yukimi and co. strong. “Thom Pettie” is one of the results, also joined by one of my favorite 2000-era lyricists in Killer Mike.

This is a simple video, taken from the tour where Big Boi broke his foot. With Goodie Mob’s Age Against The Machine grabbing a Top 40 debut this morning, it’s been an awesome 12 months for those of us who idolize the Dungeon Family.

Pretty sure “Thom Pettie” is an artful, legal dodge of “Tom Petty,” and I admit—still at a loss what the lead singer of The Heartbreaks/Traveling Wilburys member ever did that was hard on ’em enough to justify this chorus.

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