Bishop Lamont – Full Circle

There have been a plethora of Aftermath Entertainment artists deserving of retail projects, but who didn’t get one: Last Emperor, King T, RBX, Mel-Man, and of course, Bishop Lamont. In the mid-2000s, Bishop introduced himself as just the right balance of gangsta and b-boy, with influences ranging from Thug Life to Cella Dwellas. Backed by Dr. Dre as well as a post-Roc-A-Fella Dame Dash, what could go wrong?

Seven or so years later, Bishop continues to tell his story. Here, he links with another former Aftermath hopeful, Mel-Man (arguably the greatest co-producer of the 1999-2004 era), and slows it down to talk about things. Bishop Lamont could still body most with a debut album, maybe that day is coming soon…

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