MC Shan – Another One To Get Jealous Of (Lost Marley Marl Remix)

MC Shan has one of the coolest Hip-Hop voices of all-time, in my opinion. Maybe that’s why so many producers and DJs love to scratch his vocals. The person who helped set off “The Bridge” wars released an oft-overlooked 1987 LP, Down By Law. Within the Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records release was an album cut “Another One To Get Jealous Of.” pointed out this week, that a rare, alternate mix/remix version (believed to be) produced by Marley Marl surfaced. Marley, along with Shan, produced the whole LP. However, when one of the greatest producers in Hip-Hop unveils a new composition (or one is discovered, rather), it matters. I love when stuff like this happens, don’t you?

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