DJ Doo Wop Doesn’t Trick Us But Instead Gives Us Treats With Halloween Candy (Mixtape)

DJ Doo Wop is among the most influential 1990s mixtape-makers in the world. This Uptown representative made mixtapes a Rap commodity, and became one of the early mixmasters to work directly with artists and labels to secure exclusive content. “Da Bouncemaster” remains strong in 2013, after years working with Flip Squad DJ’s, Bounce Squad, Guru, and more recently, AZ.

Going back to the classic holiday/seasonally-themed tapes of yesteryear, it’s only right Wop hits us with Halloween Candy. Ain’t nothin’ sweet about how Doo Wop mixes, but he hits listeners with treats in the form of remixes, exclusives, rarities, and beautiful blending that reminds us of the time when fresh cassettes were as essential as a new outfit and a car wash before a date.

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