Geto Boys Interview + Performance

Even before the death of Eazy-E, it had been nearly four years since N.W.A. was in a room together, amicably—and that was without Ice Cube. Eric B. & Rakim have not done an interview together in over 20 years. There are so many collectives that you cannot get together. It’s funny, as Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill have never had a lovey-dovey group (on or off the mic). Members have left, feelings have been hurt, other members’ feelings got hurt, and let’s not forget that 2005’s The Foundation was recorded without the three together in the studio together at any given time.

But when Hip-Hop calls, or each other needs them, the GB’s are there for each other. Over the weekend’s Crazy Hood 20th anniversary, one of the genre’s most important groups sat down together and talked game. Twenty-seven years in, these three men continue to write a story that changed Hip-Hop, even if it’s a chapter that feels way too overlooked at times. The Geto Boys are a group worth a day’s drive to see live.

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