The Dirty South began playing a major role in rap music long before No Limit and Cash Money. The #16 most important record label in hip-hop music is Rap-A-Lot Records. Check out a playlist of their key artists below.,

#16 Rap-A-Lot Records

Not from Houston but I Rap-A-Lot…Long before Cash Money and long before No Limit, Rap-A-Lot records was the voice of hip-hop in the South. Founded by J Prince in 1986, the label put Houston on the map. That was no small feat given that rap music was still largely dominated by the East Coast at that point (hard to imagine now…). Rap-A-Lot was a precursor to many big things to come from the Dirty, Dirty. Here’s a playlist from some of their key artists, which include The Geto Boys, Scarface, Big Mike and Devin The Dude:

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