?uestlove Explains Being A Music Snob, Putting Off Q-Tip & Others With Nerdery (Video)

Is Head an easy and endearing way of calling ourselves “music snobs”? Vanity Fair has a Music Snob series, and stops in with Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson—easily known as The Roots band-leader and drummer, but at a closer look, a composer who’s remixed Marvin Gaye deep cuts, made a Jazz album with Uri Caine and Christian McBride, and worked in The Soulquarians as part of a musical movement.

In this quick-cut 2-minute vignette, ?uesto talks about running up on Q-Tip in the ’90s with fan-boy questions about the mix to Tribe’s “Electric Relaxation,” his study on the multiple takes of Michael Jackson’s “She’s Out Of My Life,” and why it used to take him seven hours to piece together a party-playlist for a DJ gig.

Personally speaking, ?uestlove helped put me onto Little Brother’s The Listening, Eugene McDaniels, and STS. Let the “snobbery” continue as Heads inform Heads…

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