Write Of Passage: Graffiti’s True History Explored

When it comes to the elements of Hip-Hop, it seems that one element always has had more of a negative light shined on it than the others. Although graffiti was just as influential in the beginning of Hip-Hop as b-boying, DJing, and being an MC, it’s taken a backseat over the years as a result of plenty of misunderstanding and it’s assumed affiliation with gangs. However, some of pioneers of the “writing culture” are attempting to put an end to all of that.

Starting Thursday, October 17th at the Redbull Studios New York, the history and impact of graffiti will be explored through “Write Of Passage”, a six-week series educating people about the culture. The series will be curated by Sacha Jenkins, a “noted writing culture historian” and Mass Appeal. Write of Passage will consist of “panels, workshops, screenings, and public exhibitions that highlight the various turns graffiti has taken.”

Red Bull Studios New York
218 West 18th Street, NYC

Exhibition Times & Days
Saturdays, 1-5pm from October 19 – November 23

Workshop Itinerary – Available through invitation: 

Thursday, October 17

·        Wall Writers Screening: Graffiti in its Innocence screening with curator / author Roger Gastman

·        Signature Analysis; Speakers: Rocky 184, Mike 171, Snake 1

·        VS; Speakers: Steve Mona, Ket

·        Shooting Galleries; Alan Bortman, Daze, Cope 2, Jonathan Levine

·        Little Black Book: The Internet Before the Internet; Speakers: Ces, Keo, Serve,

Friday, October 18

·        Shot in the Dark; Speakers: Henry Chalfant, Chino

·        Graffiti Media; Speakers: Craig Costello, James Matthew, Sacha Jenkins

·        Street Walkers: The Evolution and Friendly Merger Between Graffiti Culture and Street Art; Speakers: Stephen “Espo” Powers, COST

·        Grafik Design; Speakers: Cey Adams and Haze

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