Kanye West Goes Ballistic on the Sway in the Morning Show & Sway Loses His Cool. This Felt Personal (Audio)

UPDATE: Here’s the Full Video of the Interview

I’ve resisted getting on the bandwagon of calling Kanye West’s recent public statements about his frustrations with his inability to break into the fashion world as “rants” because I think the term is dismissive and makes it easier to ignore some of the many valid points he’s made about the difficulty for people to break through. What he did on the Sway in the Morning show, however, was downright disrespectful and more tantrum than rant. I’ve listened to Sway for a number of years and he always conducts himself with dignity and respect for his guests (even when you know he’s not really a fan). He and Kanye go back a long way, however, so you would expect an in-depth interview where both men spoke candidly about where Ye is currently and the state of Hip-Hop. Instead, Kanye came in BLASTING, seemingly for no reason. Given all of his talk about racism, New Slaves, etc., I wonder if he would have used this tone and level of aggression with a white interviewer or someone that he did not know as well. Whatever the case, there’s no excuse for this type of behavior. It’s time for Kanye to pause and reflect. Here’s the audio (we will update with the video if/when it is available).

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