Seth Rogen & James Franco Are Bound 2 Upset Kanye West In This Shot For Shot Parody (Video)

Since the days of “Freaks & Geeks,” James Franco and Seth Rogen have been teaming up to make us laugh, while usually shining a little truth on the living condition. Only one of those things is true in this just-released video (which was already re-appropriated this morning after being pulled). In “shot for shot remakes,” one of the cooler comedy fads to come out of the viral video era, how does this stack? With the Beastie Boys’ campaign two years ago, it’s great to see these two Heads leaning their comedy towards Hip-Hop.

Franco plays the part of Kanye from last week’s “Bound 2” video premiere, while a shirtless Seth Rogen assumes to role of Kim Kardashian.

Think KimYe (well, Kanye) will rant or rave?

If this is up your alley, and you’re an ’80s TV Head, enjoy Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) and Adam Scott (Stepbrothers) do a shot-for-shot remake of “Simon & Simon.”

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