Vic Mensa Talks Life, Death, Music, Save Money and More in His Most Candid Interview Yet. Get to Know On of Hip-Hop’s Most Talented MCs on the Rise (Video)

Vic Mensa is one of the most talented MCs to burst onto the music scene in a long time. Though not technically new to Hip-Hop, having been a member of the band Kids These Days for four-plus years, Vic’s solo move earlier in 2013 has allowed him to showcase all facets of his prodigious talent. Ambrosia For Heads recently caught up with Vic and had an engaging and candid conversation. Ambrosia For Heads sat down with Vic in the studio recently, and he spoke about his Innanet Tape mixtape, life as a solo artist, dark times he’s faced and what has gotten him through, what he sees as his purpose, the concept behind his Save Money movement and much more. This is Vic Mensa like you’ve never seen him before.

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