Will C. Remixes The Beach Boys In This Trippy, Summertime-In-Autumn Adieu Or Die Mix (Audio)

Chances are, even if you live on Antarctica, you’ve heard The Beach Boys. The Wilson Brothers and crew are a landmark of early ’60s Americana with themes are wood-sided ’40 Ford wagons, surfing, going steady with your best girl, and fixing up old cars.

However, like other ’60s Pop acts The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, The Beatles got a big druggy (think of the difference between the last two Mac Miller albums, times about 10). By Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys tapped into the attitudes of the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and the social angst that often gets glossed over in the rosy-tinted glass of time.

Moreover, the Beach Boys have an under-written history within Hip-Hop. The Capitol Records stars were sampled on hits by EPMD, Wu-Tang Clan, and Spank Rock.

Producer Will C., who has purveyed some excellent culture in Hip-Hop recently low-key sampled some of the trippier Beach Boys later works for Adieu Or Die. With punch-in’s of old-school Hip-Hop (you’ll hear Too Short, Mtume, Eric B. & Rakim, etc.), lots of rare interview footage, this absolutely plays beautifully, and will appeal to fans of Flying Lotus, RJD2, Steinski & Double Dee, and DJ Shadow. On a dreary November day, you’ll see colors on this one, and get a sense of why The Beach Boys are one of America’s greatest gifts. Simply put, Will C. knows the time.

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