Former Stars Of Rap-A-Lot Records Have A Rare, Really Candid Roundtable Interview (Audio)

One of the cool (at the same tragic) things about Rap-A-Lot Records was how the ’80s-’90s stars of the label—true of today too—did very little press. While Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill were on MTV, BET, and The Box, guys like Ganxsta Nip, Seagram, Menace Clan, The Terrorists, Mad CJ Mac, Too Much Trouble, 2Low, and Da Odd Squad weren’t exactly media darlings.

While regional pubs like Murder Dog showed love, most of the cache with Rap-A-Lot lived on record (arguably, where it most belongs). Well, as he likes to do, Prezident Bejda pulled out some major stops for his online Murder Master Radio Show this week.


Guys including Nip, 2Low, Dope-E, Yukmouth, Mike B, Def IV, and original Geto Boys DJ Ready Red and Raheem called in and had a lively, quite positive discussion about the house that J. Prince built. You can’t, and you won’t get this anywhere else. It’s a great day to pull out some R.A.L. jams, or peep our playlist below:

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