Raekwon Discusses Why Wu-Tang Clan Has Broken Up, the Loss of ODB and More with DJ Whoo Kid (Video)

Raekwon sat down with DJ Whoo Kid’s Hollywood Shuffle recently. The Staten Island General was asked a series of dope questions by Whoo Kid. There, he admits he wished he was included on Ghostface Killah’s “All I Got Is You” single from Ironman. He speaks about his growing interest and recreation in the sport of fencing, and the dangers that come with it. Perhaps most interestingly, Rae speaks about the current communication mediums used by the Wu-Tang Clansmen, and how that may have cost a proper remix to Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever.” Additionally, Chef reflects on Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s death, and calls him the proper founder of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Historians may know that O.D.B. (as Asun Unique) was in the original precursor to the Wu, Force Of The Imperial Masters (a/k/a All In Together Now) with RZA (as Prince Rakeem) and GZA (as The Genius) in 1980s Brooklyn.

Sometimes shy and diplomatic, Rae’s in rare form here, which match the attitudes of the track he showed Whoo Kid a taste of earlier in the week.

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