Should Drake Step Up and Name Kendrick Lamar’s Name in His Ongoing War of Words? Peter Rosenberg Weighs In (Video)

By now, EVERYONE in Hip-Hop knows Kendrick Lamar dropped bombs on an entire generation of MCs with his Control verse–and he named names. Since then, many of those mentioned have responded loudly and explicitly. Drake, however, has never responded on wax–or has he? Drizzy has spit many verses over the last few months in The Language (1), Pound Cake(2), Tuscan Leather (3) and Future’s Sh!t (Remix) (4) (see below for references) where he’s been like a sniper firing tactical shots, but he has never put a name on his target. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg spoke recently about whether Drake should continue to throw silent darts or take open shots. Check out what he had to say below. Do you agree?

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(1) The Language – “I don’t know why they been lying, But your shit is not that inspiring; Bank account statements just look like, I’m ready for early retirement; Fuck any nigga, That’s talking that shit just to get a reaction, Fuck going platinum I looked at my wrist and it’s already platinum; I am the kid with the motor mouth. I am the one you should worry ’bout, I don’t know who you’re referring to; Who is this nigga you heard about?
Someone just talking that bullshit

(2) Pound Cake – “Overly focused, it’s far from the time to rest now, Debates growing ’bout who they think is the best now; Took a while, got the jokers out of the deck now, I’m holding all the cards and niggas wanna play chess now; I hear you talking, say it twice so I know you meant it, Fuck it, I don’t even tint it, they should know who’s in it, I’m authentic, real name, no gimmicks; No game, no scrimmage, I ain’t playing with you niggas at all

(3) Tuscan Leather – “Tell me who dissin’, I got some things that’ll hit the culprit; Them strep throat flows, them shits to stop all of the talkin’; All of the talkin’, got one reply for all of your comments; Fuck what you think, I’m too busy, that’s why you leave a message.”

(4) Sh!t (Remix) – Took niggas out the hood like I’m from there, So you know it’s all good when I come there; I hear you talk about your city like you run that, And I brought my tour to your city, you my son there nigga; But I had to come through for the remix, On my haven’t done a verse in 8 weeks shit, And if a nigga say my name, he the hot shit, But if I say the nigga name, he still the hot shit; Fucked up, lucky I don’t feed into the gossip, Niggas act like they don’t know, but they should know, Yeah, I just think it’s funny how they dangling the bait; But I’m the one that’s killing niggas on the hooks though, And niggas ain’t got a grill, still ice grill hating

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