Guilty Simpson & Planet Asia Switch Seats With Apollo Brown & Gensu Dean (Audio)

Mello Music Group loves MC/producer tandem projects—especially combining complete strangers. They took veteran D.I.T.C. MC O.C. and introduced him to Detroit, Michigan producer Apollo Brown for 2012’s Trophies. In the last 12 months, they took Fresno, Cali vet Planet Asia and linked him with New Yorker Gensu Dean for Abrasions. They also took Random Axe’s Guilty Simpson and paired him with Apollo for Dice Game.

Well, along the way (the other) MMG took these MCs from each, and switched them with the producers. Released today, the resulting bonus cuts, “Ink Blotches” and “God Hour,” respectively:

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown - Truth Be Told

Remember when Pete Rock rhymed on a C.L. Smooth beat, and Madlib hopped on an MF DOOM track? This approach follows suit.

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