MC Serch Recalls The Early Days Of MF DOOM & Slick Rick In This Stellar Juan Epstein (Audio)

From his time with 3rd Bass, Rockaway, Queens’ MC Serch is already an interesting figure of old school Hip-Hop. However, the MC-turned-record executive-turned-talk show host has been involved with so much more than his group with Prime Minister Pete Nice and DJ Daddy Rich (f/k/a Richie Rich). Serchlite was a critical link in the early careers of Nas and O.C., he closely collaborated with MF DOOM’s KMD group, and Serch even worked at the legendary Wild Pitch Records (Main Source, Ultramagnetic MC’s, The Coup) in the early ’90s. As expected Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg did their homework, and got a powerful Juan Epstein interview with the “Gas Face” co-originator.

At an hour long, this one shows just how far back Serch’s hand in the game goes, from meeting Russell Simmons before Def Jam Records, to Slick Rick in high school, to some really interesting and rarely-heard stuff about DOOM and his late twin brother, Subroc. Guaranteed jewels in this one.


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