Penalty Records Is Back. Guess Who Their First Signing Is…

Penalty Records put out some great Hip-Hop in the 1990s. Whether they know it or not, consumers of Capone-N-Noreaga’s The War Report, Lord Finesse’s The Awakening, and Crooked Lettaz’ Grey Skies supported the New York City label.

Neil Levine, a founder of Penalty, has re-launched the brand, now as Penalty Entertainment, distributed by Sony Red. This comes less than two years after Ruffhouse Records returned, and signed a deal with Beanie Sigel.

Heads may wonder, with Penalty’s penchant for true-school Hip-Hop, how does their second coming stand?

Well, Billboard has reported that Levine’s label has signed Masta Ace’s group, The EMC. This quartet includes ’90s Lower East Side underground Hip-Hop duo/Lyricist Lounge alumni Punch & Words (aka Punchline & Wordsworth), as well as Milwaukee, Wisconsin MC Stricklin.

In 2008, the group released The Show, their only full-length, on Ace’s M3 imprint.

This is good news for Hip-Hop…

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