Redman Invites MTV Back to His Crib and He’s “Beyonce’d” the Bathroom. Greatest Cribs Segment Ever? (Video)

As part of MTV’s “RetroMania” week, they’ve returned to Redman’s crib 13 years after the last visit. True to his nature on records, the Hit Squad/Def Squad MC was a simple dude: turntables, fish-sticks, a dollar box/cookie jar sort of bank. Even in the era of RIAA album plaques and Christina Aguliera collabos, Reggie Noble was not big on frills in his Staten Island crib. The Funk Doctor Spock has made some renovations to his spot (same house), including having “Beyonce’d” the bathroom.

Well, MTV went back now. In their “RetroMania” week, the network checked back in with Funk Doc, who still calls Meth’s borough home. Without spoiling it, pay close attention to see what you or may not remember from one of the most funny, memorable Hip-Hop Head TV moments of the last 15 years.

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